Frank Stokes’ Dream

Frank Stokes’ Dream is a collection of Memphis country blues, recorded between 1927 and 1931. It features Frank Stokes, Tom Dickson, Pearl Dickson, Furry Lewis, Noah Lewis, Will Weldon, Memphis Minnie (with and without her husband/guitarist Kansas Joe McCoy), and Cannon’s Jug Stompers. 

This is the second time (in a row) that Soundcloud has removed the track I uploaded for preview, so the track below is from Grooveshark. The LP I got was kind of dirty, but the transfer mostly sounds pretty good, with minimal cleanup of clipping pops. If anyone knows a good host for streaming and embedding mp3 files that also allows downloads, please let me know. I think Soundcloud on my trail.

Frank Stokes’ Dream by Frank Stokes on Grooveshark

The album’s namesake, Frank Stokes, is one of the important figues of the raggy memphis style. Stokes was one half of the Beale Street Sheiks, with guitarist Dan Sane. Their work is also worth looking into. With the exception of ‘Sleepy’ John Estes, this is a pretty good intro to the Memphis style. For a more complete look, check out JSP’s “Masters of Memphis Blues”.

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